Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Justice in Indiana

Are you a victim of the justice system in Indiana? Have you tried to fight for your rights against crooked lawyers and judges to no avail. Or maybe you have had a complaint filed against you with the Attorney General's office and you are not allowed to know who filed the complaint. Well, all this has happened to me. I have had judges shoot me down for everything I try to do, I have had to go up against a crooked lawyer in Madison County. I have had a complaint filed against me at the Attorney General's office and was told that the complaint came from an outside confidential source... guess the Secret Service must be investigating me!! Indiana is the most crooked and corrupt state I have ever seen.  It's a good ole boys town and Dick knows Jack and they decide behind closed doors what is going to happen before you walk into the courtroom for fraudlent accusations. Should not even be a court hearing as it's all made up nonsense. Now, the Attorney General is another joke.  They are investigating me for my divorce from the 80's. Yup, that is the truth.  A so called professional in Northern Indiana does not have anything better to do with their time, so they pulled court records pertaining to my divorce in the 80's and sent them to the Attorney General with a sweet little handwritten note asking that I be removed from the Real Estate profession.  How ignorant people can be.  And the worse part is that the Attorney General is actually entertaining such BS and made me answer the complaint.  Does not matter that I have passed 3 FBI background checks for professional licenses in other states.  And Indiana does not require background checks for realtors, so I have to answer to why I got divorced from an abusive man and why I had driving on suspened licenses.  Oh what a joke...... So, there is so much more to my story and I will add as I go along.  I am new to blogging so I need to get the hang of it which I will.  

If you have a story of your fun in Indiana, please share. I would love to hear that I am not the only person going through such BS in Indiana..